About ADT & SafeStreets USA Partnership

“As an ADT Authorized Provider, SafeStreets pairs ADT’s top-of-the-line 24/7 monitoring with a professional install experience that knows no equal. We’ve built a team of experts in the industry all dedicated to making your home security journey a 5-Star Experience from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to get a more traditional home security system to help protect your home or a more robust one that includes automation technology, we’re here to build the package that best suits your needs. Our team will proudly take your call and help secure your home against crime, floods, fire, and more. We offer same-day installation in most areas and are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome to the 5-Star Experience!”

After-all ADT has been around longer than any other security company. With over 140 years of experience you can count on their expertise and their 24 hour monitoring services. But who is ADT. Check out below for some basic understanding of just what makes ADT different from other companies, and a little of the company’s stand points. ADT if here for you when you need Monitored Home Security.

Variety of Packages to suit any specific need
Safe Streets USA, an ADT authorized provider has many knowledgeable people at several call centers in the US and are standing by to assist you in getting the exact monitoring you and your family need. And with 5 ADT-monitored packages along with as many add-on devices you need, we can help protect your family from theft, home invasion, fire, flood, and many other security needs. From Safe Streets USA’s basic packages to full Pulse® Home Automation.

ADT SafeStreets installer avoiding at home

Six North American Monitoring Centers

Most of the other security companies use one single monitoring center. But what would happen if it was stuck by a natural disaster or an extended power outage? ADT believes in redundancy. That’s why they have six monitoring centers nationwide. This helps insure that your home is always being monitored 24/7. If one center is effected by a hurricane, fire, flood, or any disaster then your monitoring is seamlessly switched to another of ADT’s monitoring centers.


Remote Control Your Home from a Smart Device.

In addition to offering ADT-monitored security systems, SafeStreets sets itself apart by also offering ADT Control services. The ADT Control app sets itself apart from other security companies by offering ADT Control. The ADT Control app allows you to control your home from your smartphone, tablet, or another Web-enabled device. The app is available for both iPhone and Android, and offers a number of amazing features, including the ability to lock and unlock doors, and arm or disarm your system remotely. You can also adjust your home’s thermostat (not available in some areas) and receive notifications, such as kids returning home from school, or if someone has entered an off-limits area like the pool deck.. Unlock a door for your kids or spouse from virtually anywhere. You can add the ADT Control Voice app and you can control many aspects of your home totally hands-free. With the ADT Control app, you can even watch secure, real-time video of areas of your home you’ve chosen to place a camera.

Additional Monitoring Services

ADT monitoring is a leader in monitored home security, but SafeStreets also offers their Flood Monitoring, Emergency Alert Monitoring, and Fire and Smoke Monitoring.

Wireless option

A professional wireless system is ideal for homeowners who don’t have a home phone or simply don’t want holes drilled in the walls to run wires. A wireless ADT-monitored home security system is simple to set up and later expand on as your security needs change. Easily install it yourself. If you move, you can pack up your wireless system and install it in your new home or apartment.

About SafeStreets & ADT Monitored Security

Mover’s Package Guarantee*

ADT stands by you, even when you move. After six months as a customer, you may qualify for the company’s Mover’s Package which can provide you with special discounts on ADT security for your new home.

Home Security Innovation

ADT monitoring offers two of the most groundbreaking technologies in the monitored home security industry, CellGuard®, and 2-Way Voice. CellGuard® is a completely wireless system, which means your security system contacts a monitoring center through a cellular uplink, so you don’t need a home phone.

ADT Theft Protection Guarantee*

Not every home security company believes in its product enough to offer ADT Theft Protection Guarantee*, but ADT does. Should your home be burglarized while your ADT-monitored home security system is armed, they may pay up to $500 toward your homeowner’s insurance deductible (certain restrictions apply).

*Certain restrictions apply. To qualify for the Mover’s Package Guarantee, you must be a current or former ADT customer who has had active ADT contract monitored service for two years (24 months), and your ADT account must be in good standing, or have been in good standing when you left ADT. Offer valid for two (2) years following cancellation of ADT service in your prior home. 36-month monitoring agreement required at the then-prevailing monthly monitoring rate (24-month in CA). ADT may substitute a comparable home security system package. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Additional fees required for some services. All relocation credits are only valid toward purchase of new equipment. Credits may not be applied for any other purpose. Maximum allowable discount on any ADT security system or protection package is $349 and 25% discount valid on purchase amounts up to $1600 (maximum discount not to exceed $400), total discount not to exceed $749. Offer not applicable to system/services purchased from ADT Authorized Dealer(s).