ADT Safety Tip: Pool Security

Pool Security Many people don’t consider the security of their hot tub or pool, but to keep your guests and family members safe, you need more than just constant supervision. This is why an outdoor home camera system is one great way to ensure that everyone keeps having fun and stays safe. The CDC states that about 10 people per day die from unintentional drowning in the United States. Having cameras specifically for your outdoor pool area can help to provide a much safer space against the common causes of pool accidents. Since you are able to access your cameras from any smartphone, you will always be in the loop. While no amount of home security cameras can compensate for parental supervision when it comes to your young ones going for a swim, it is a great addition to help provide additional security.

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Automatic Home Lighting Control

Home automation has come a long way, especially in the area of home lighting control. Automated lighting used to mean a timer. Simply plug your lamp into a timer and plug the timer into the wall socket. Then, set the timer to the time you want the light to go on and off and like clockwork the light went on and off accordingly. Then there was the wireless lighting control. You may remember the 'Clapper®.' All you needed to do was clap your hands and the light goes on. Clap again and the light goes off, although the Clapper may not be considered true wireless lighting. The Benefits of Wireless Lighting Times have changed and so has home automation. Today’s smart technology is affordable and with products like ADT Pulse, offers security, energy efficiency and convenience in one. Having home lighting automation means you can schedule your interior lights to come on at a certain time of the day or day of the week. Addition benefits include: Exterior lights can be automated. If you change your mind and are away from home, simple use your smart phone, iPad [...]

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ADT Panic Button

About the ADT Panic Button Wearable Panic Button Wear it on a pendant around your neck, on a wristband or clip it to your clothes. Security Keypad Separate buttons let you quickly call for help from police, fire or medical. Wireless Key Fob Put help from emergency responders in your pocket and take it with you. Get 24/7 Monitoring with ADT. Compare Packages No matter the time of day, when you press your panic button, a highly trained ADT agent will immediately receive an alert. They can quickly dispatch local first responders to your location, whether you’re home or away. Here When You Need ADT, 24/7 No matter the time of day, when you press your panic button, a highly trained ADT agent will immediately receive an alert. They can quickly alert local first responders to your location, whether you’re home or away. Carry an Extra Level of Protection Help is always a touch away, whether you feel you’re in danger or you’ve fallen in your home, or something happens when you’re out for a walk. Help is always a touch away, whether you feel you’re in [...]

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Keeping clutter at bay

A ugust gone and the fall season looms near. Where did the summer go? I can’t tell you, but I can tell you it’s no longer the season for weddings. Nope. September and October are now the most popular times for weddings, with 19% of weddings taking place in September and 14% in October. That means if you’re getting a wedding invitation, it will probably be for a fall wedding. (We have one on our calendar for September!) If you’re wondering why we’re talking about weddings as the month of September approaches, it’s because we have an unusual wedding gift idea for you: home security. Sure, it’s not a glamorous gift, but it is a thoughtful one. Making home security doable Although Americans are waiting longer to get married, with the average age now 27 for women and 29 for men, there’s still a chance they will be living on tight budgets, especially if they are buying a house. Adding a home security system to their monthly expenses probably won’t be a priority once they’ve taken on a massive mortgage payment. If you’re older and your financially [...]

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SafeStreets Celebrating our one millionth customer

On June 15, 2017, we recognized our 1 millionth customer with a ceremony at our Garner, NC office. During the meeting, SafeStreetsUSA CFO Scott MacArthur gave customer Elizabeth Kelly a plaque recognizing her as the 1 millionth customer as well at $1,346 – the cash equivalent of 1 million minutes of monitoring. SafeStreetsUSA is an ADT authorized dealer. “It was an honor to meet and recognize Elizabeth,” said MacArthur. “We are proud of this achievement and we look forward to providing a great product and service to our next 1 million customers in the years ahead.” SafeStreetsUSA is a consolidation of several ADT dealers who started in the industry 20 years ago, including current partners Kevin Gaylord, Mark Sessa and Curtiss Weinstein as well as retired owners Todd Herman, Barry Simmons and Mike Robson. Each grew their own ADT dealership in a different part of the country and have consolidated as SafeStreetsUSA over the past 10 years to become a national company with a footprint covering almost 90% of the population of the U.S. SafeStreetsUSA set to serve the next 1 million customers The company won’t be [...]

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ADT Pulse® Packages

What is ADT Pulse? ADT Pulse gives a personal touch to home monitoring. It provides remote home security access from virtually anywhere via your Internet-enabled wireless devices. ADT Pulse works using Z-wave wireless technology to integrate your home security system with your home electronics. ADT Pulse currently is currently offered with or without Video Monitoring. With ADT Pulse: Arm and disarm your security system through the ADT Pulse App, available on desktop, iOS, and Android-powered mobile devices. Receive customized live alerts concerning fire, CO2, and flooding risks within your home. Protect your home with 24/7 home security monitoring through ADT. For just six dollars more per month, get ADT Pulse with Video Control, and watch live video from your desktop or mobile device. Store video footage for later use. Get all features associated with ADT monitored home security, including pet-sensitive detection, backup system, and more.

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ADT Basic Wireless Package

No Landline? No Problem. With the Basic Wireless Package, you’ll get to ramp up the features that ADT monitored security provides. Get everything that you would with the ADT Basic Package, plus these two additions: a keyfob wireless remote control & CellGuard®. See how - regardless of which package you choose from ADT - you'll get a better service when you compare security companies. The Benefits of CellGuard Technology: It runs and is operated through cell towers Doesn’t require a landline Cell phone users can receive ADT home monitoring

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Basic Security Package

ADT Basic Package With the Basic Package, you get: 24-Hour Backup Battery: - 24-hour protection means 24-hour protection, and the backup battery that comes with the Basic Package makes sure of it. If your power goes out, you can be assured that ADT monitoring is still going. Infrared Motion Detector for Pets: - If you have a cat or a dog that tends to go in and out of your home often, you wouldn’t want them unnecessarily setting off your alarms. That is why the ADT Basic Package comes with pet-sensitive motion detection to keep security focused on people. ADT Sign and Decals - Let your neighbors and potential intruders know that you’re protected under ADT. The signature yard sign is visible from afar, and can dissuade would-be burglars from entering your home.

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Safety Solutions for Rural Properties

When you think of a rural setting, do you picture the calm and idyllic sights? What about cities? Do you conjure up images of flashing police lights and vandals masquerading in the night? While many people balk at the idea of city living and consider a rural surrounding much safer, the statistics point to a slightly different story. Property crime, no matter where you reside, is an alarming statistic that needs attention. While evidence points to rural areas as safer than urban areas when it comes to property crime and burglary, the numbers do not fall too far behind. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that for 2014, property crime rates in urban areas were 148.8 vs 103.2 per nearly 15 million total crimes. The difference, then, of living in a rural area does not seem too much different to urban areas. Additionally, living far away from civilization means police or paramedic assistance can take two to three times longer than in the city. These reasons mean that rural dwellers need to be especially mindful of their property. Thankfully, an array of safety solutions exist that will [...]

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Use Cellular Backup to Connect

One of the most vulnerable components of the security system at your home is the telephone or digital voice line that provides primary communication between your system and ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers. That’s why we offer you a backup solution – Safewatch Cellguard®. In the event of a telephone or digital voice line outage, Safewatch Cellguard can transmit alarm signals to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center through a cellular network, helping prevent a lapse in your security service. Safewatch Cellguard can help back up the ADT security system if your telephone or digital voice service is disrupted due to: Storms Accidents Fallen lines Construction Cut lines Other communication-provider issues Safewatch Cellguard can also serve as the sole means of communication between your home and ADT’s network of interconnected Customer Monitoring Centers, which can save you money if you decide to cancel your landline phone. FAQs about Safewatch CellGuard Q:    How does Safewatch Cellguard work? A:    In the event of a telephone or digital voice line outage, or if the phone line associated with the alarm panel is not functioning properly, Safewatch Cellguard can transmit signals through a cellular transmission [...]

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